He popped the question…and you said YES!

So you start with your planning and are thinking of dates and you grab the calendar and find yourself looking at January or February. Wedding season. Because that’s what we do, right? We live in Sunny South Africa, we get married in summer.
Maybe not. Perhaps this post is due to the fact that most of us are all summered out at this point. Whatever the reason, we are here to tell you that winter weddings are a wonderful idea and we have all the reasons why.

Venues are generally more affordable

Being off-season, most venues that cater for winter weddings are more accommodating during the winter months than they are during peak season. Also, the likelihood of rain is already factored into the planning of your wedding, which means that no summer raincloud will catch you by surprise.

Accommodation in the area surrounding your wedding venue are more affordable

As with number 1, guesthouses and hotels around your wedding venue will be better priced than in the peak time, allowing you a wider area in which to find your dream venue as friends and family will all be able to travel and spend the night in the area.

Unbelievable wedding pictures

Winter wonderland wedding pictures are not only amazing to shoot, but also unbelievably intimate and creative. Nothing like a bit of cold to make you scoot closer to your brand new hubby and help with the photo shyness.

Earlier sunsets

If you are looking at an evening wedding, the earlier sunset allows you to have incredible sunset shots in your wedding photography without having your guests wait half the night for you to enter the wedding.

Hot pre-drinks and red wine

While you are off making memories on your sunset photo shoot, have your guests enjoy a winter warmer pre-drink like sherry, gluwein or even coffee! In the summer time everyone is parched, hot and irritated while they wait for the bride and groom’s return, but not your happy winter wedding guests! Also, red wine as the main dinner accompaniment is far more affordable than ice cold summer champagne guzzlers.

Hot food!

There is nothing as delicious in winter as a scrumptious plate of hot food. At summer weddings you can expect smaller portions and salads for appetizers, but in winter the portions are ample and hot and the traditional soup starter warms us up just thinking about it!

Harvest Table

Thinking of doing a daytime wedding? Just imagine the beautiful harvest table wedding format to delight your guests with. Fireplace roaring, intimate table settings and plentiful red wine makes for an afternoon well spent while, in the summertime, it would be stuffy and hot.

Comfortable reception venue

If it’s not too hot outside, chances are it won’t be so hot inside. Gone are all the men walking around without their jackets, ladies fanning themselves with their programmes. Rather have a few blankets and heaters available for your guests and be their favourite bride ever.

Amazing winter fashion

How beautiful are wedding dresses with a white shawl or jacket as protection from the cold?! Not to mention the bridesmaid dresses, making all shapes and sizes look and feel comfortable. Also, how dashing are the groom and his groomsmen with their full attire, without sweating and shuffling from the heat? This is why we love winter wedding fashion.

Cosy nooks and fireplaces

Most winter weddings are accompanied by a warm, inviting fireplace in the venue. This allows a wonderfully relaxed area in which to set up your photo booth and just kick back and have fun with your guests. That is, of course, until you step over to warm up the dance floor!

So, there you have it. Ten of the best reasons to get married during winter, although we can think of a hundred more!